When using OnINBOX Manager’s central deployment process, admins can set which users have OnINBOX automatically installed and connected to their email accounts. Using this method, end-users will be unable to disconnect from OnINBOX without an admin doing this.

When using OnINBOX’s individual deployment, users are required to create individual accounts themselves and are able to connect and disconnect from OnINBOX at anytime. However, admins will be able to see who is connected and who is not from OnINBOX Manager’s ‘Users” view.

In summary, here is how to disconnect:

  • For standalone deployments of OnINBOX, individual users need to go to the Settings page and disconnect their account from there.

  • For centrally provisioned accounts, an administrator will have to use OnINBOX Manager's Central Provisioning feature on the User's page, then go to the User Deployment tab, select the users they want to disconnect and click on Uninstall.

To completely uninstall OnINBOX you can delete the central provisioning settings in OnINBOX Manager to revoke our access and then delete the app in Google / Microsoft.

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