How does it work?

With OnINBOX scanning every inbound email for risks and helping users mark trusted senders, OnINBOX Manager collates one centralized view of the results. The administrator can use this insight to run a security health check on who your organization is talking to and the risk level associated with organizational communications. 

What could go wrong?

The greater the number of people in your organization receiving emails from an unsecured domain, the higher the risk of an impersonated email landing in the inbox of an unsuspecting employee as this connection can easily be spoofed. With OnINBOX Manager acting as a trusted side-kick for pushing DMARC down the supply chain and OnINBOX’s in-mail indicators labeling dodgy emails to end-users, the security posture of your organization’s communications network should improve over time.

Let’s jump in...

Check that the Current View at the top of your Supply Chain dashboard has Authentication selected as shown below:

Select a time frame in the top left corner of your dashboard that goes as far back into the past as possible. 

The intent is to take benchmark stats from the organization’s average security score before you started enforcing DMARC to unsecured suppliers and labeling threats for end-users with OnINBOX. The stats are simply shown as %s just below on the right hand side as shown here:

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