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What does OnINBOX do about lookalike domains?
What does OnINBOX do about lookalike domains?

OnINBOX detects cousin domains also known as lookalike domains, and flags those up to end users for further protection.

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OnINBOX lookalike detection checks inbound emails against the top 1 million domains on the internet, examples include and We also check for lookalikes against your own domains, those are the domains added to OnINBOX at the user or organizational level as trusted.

OnINBOX also checks for lookalike display names in emails. For example, John Smith is your CEO, and you receive another email from someone called ‘John Smith’ from a different email address.

Example: “John Smith” <[email protected]> and “John Smith” <[email protected]>

The above will be flagged up to the end user as someone that looks similar to a trusted contact.

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