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How can I add a domain to OnINBOX Manager?
How can I add a domain to OnINBOX Manager?

Steps on how to add a domain to OnINBOX Manager

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Before you can add a domain to OnINBOX Manager, please make sure that you have contacted the Customer Success team or your sales representative and let them know what the domain is. This is so that the team can allow it to be used by OnINBOX.

Once allowed, please follow the steps below to add it to OnINBOX Manager.

  1. Login to OnINBOX Manager here:

  2. Go to your Profile page at the top right-hand corner and scroll down to "API Management". There you can create your API key, copy it and go back to the application.

3. Go to Settings and click on "Manage my domains" as shown below.

4. Type in the domain you would like to add, paste in the API key previously generated and click on the "Add" button as shown below.

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