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OnINBOX and its Natural Language Processing model
OnINBOX and its Natural Language Processing model

What does the OnINBOX NLP model detect and how does it help with Covid-19 type emails?

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NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and in simple terms is a technology used to make sense of the language that a human has used. OnINBOX uses NLP to scan the contents of emails and understand what they are about.

OnINBOX has a sophisticated algorithm behind its NLP feature. So unlike other solutions out there which look at the sender’s user behavior (i.e is this person’s writing style a little different), OnINBOX can sense check if the email topic is of a sensitive nature, if there’s a sense of urgency, or if there’s a specific demand for financial action to be taken. These are all commonly used in phishing attacks and checked by OnINBOX to see if any match past reported threats, which effectively reduces false positives.

An example of OnINBOX' NLP model in action is shown below:

NLP and Covid-19

We recognize that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current global health crisis and there are multiple reports of increasing Covid-19 phishing attacks out there. To do our part to help, we’ve launched a unique Covid-19 NLP model. This protects your workforce against impersonation and alerts them if something doesn’t look right, clearly explaining that the information in the email is likely to be misleading. Read more about this in our dedicated blog here.

An example of OnINBOX's Covid-19 NLP model in action is shown below:

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