What languages does OnINBOX support?

OnINBOX currently supports displaying application and in-email security information in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The display language can be changed at any time from the language selector on the top right hand corner of the app.

How does OnINBOX know what language to display banners in?

OnINBOX will check several places to determine the best default language for each user. When OnINBOX connects to an email account, it will check what the language is set to on the email account. If no language setting is found, OnINBOX will default to English. If no language setting was found, upon first sign-in, OnINBOX will check the browser language and, if supported, change the OnINBOX's default language setting to match.

Natural Language Processing Support

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is currently only available for emails written in English. If OnINBOX detects that the language of a particular email is of another language, OnINBOX will skip the Natural Language Processing part of the product for this email, and let you know that it was unable to perform all of it's usual email content checks as the language is currently unsupported.

If you are using OnINBOX in minimal mode, you will see OnINBOX's A C T banners appearing a little bit more often if you regularly receive emails when one of A, C and T fail, and NLP detects that the email is of a sensitive nature or is asking that you carry out a potentially sensitive action are not in English. In cases where NLP is unavailable, such as in non-English emails, banners are added based only on any of A, C and T failing.

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