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How to create user groups in OnINBOX Manager
How to create user groups in OnINBOX Manager

You can now add Users to a Group and define Settings for that Group in OnINBOX Manager

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You can now create groups and add users to them. Each group is able to have its own unique set of settings. Any setting that hasn't been defined within the group, will default to the global setting (if it exists), otherwise the user's own setting preference.

The Settings applied to a User depend on the following:

  • If a user is part of a Group, then the Settings defined within the Group apply

  • If the Group has no Settings applied, then the default Global Settings apply

  • If no Group or Global Settings have been defined, the User's own Settings apply

To create a Group, log into OnINBOX Manager, navigate to the User's page and then select the second tab at the top of the page called 'Groups" as shown in the screenshot below.

To add Users to your Group, navigate back to the User's page and next to each User from the Group drop-down select the Group you would like to add each user to as shown below.

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