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OnINBOX Dynamic External Email Banner
OnINBOX Dynamic External Email Banner

What does OnINBOX's Dynamic External Email Banner offer and how is it different to my current generic external banner?

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Generic External Email Banners that are commonly used today, particularly by large enterprises, don’t generally have much value in the defence against phishing.

This feature takes the basic idea of the external email banner, and creates something new with OnINBOX’s advanced capabilities.

How is OnINBOX's external email banner different?

OnINBOX’s External Email Banner provides custom controls to administrators and dynamically changes for each individual email, depending on what OnINBOX detects.

This feature can be found under Settings in OnINBOX Manager, as shown below.


Like OnINBOX’s other text banners, the banner will be either blue, amber, or red, depending on the risk factors detected within the email.


Depending on whether the email has been sent from somebody in the user’s personalized Trust Network, the organization’s Trust Network, or is an unfamiliar untrusted sender, the message that the user receives will be different.


Instead of having this text banner appear on all external emails, it can also be configured to only show on external emails that are not part of the organization’s Trust Network, or for only emails that are not a part of the organization or the individual user’s Trust Network.

This configuration can be set at a global level, but you can also use user groups to have different configurations for different users, such as enabling this feature for some users that need some extra help when it comes to email security, but leaving it disabled for other more technical users.

This feature also interacts with OnINBOX’s minimal mode. If you’d like to not receive any information from OnINBOX for internal emails and emails that have been sent from trusted suppliers unless they’re detected as being potentially dangerous, but receive security information on all other emails, this can be setup by using minimal mode and enabling this feature.


Does this completely replace my existing external email banner?

Yes, this new feature offers the full functionality of any existing external email banner you might be using.

How do I turn on the Dynamic External Email Banners?

This feature is turned off by default and can be turned on for all users on OnINBOX Manager’s settings page. Alternatively, it can be turned on (or off) for some users by using OnINBOX Manager’s User Groups.

How does OnINBOX determine that an email is from an external sender?

Any domain that has been added as one of your domains on OnINBOX Manager’s settings page will be recognised as an internal domain. Currently, this requires a 2 step verification process where we must approve the domain to be added. If you would like to add new domains, please contact us to have them verified.

How does OnINBOX determine whether an email sender is trusted by the organisation?

An email from an email address or domain that’s been added to OnINBOX Manager’s Trust Network, (including the advanced rules section) will be identified as being trusted by the organisation.

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