How are OnINBOX indicator colors decided?

OnINBOX is performing various checks on inbound emails, it groups these into Authentication, Content and Trust. (A, C and T in the OnINBOX email banner).

A more detailed explanation can be found below.

How are these colours converted to scores?

The 4 potential colours of each category represent a numerical score.

Red = 0

Amber = 50

Olive green = 85

Green = 100

The score for each of A, C and T is taken for each email analysed in OnINBOX and OnINBOX-Manager where the results are aggregated.

In your OnINBOX panel you can see an average for the last 30 days. (below)

In OnINBOX Manager these scores are aggregated across all connected accounts and you can see an average for the given time period. (below)

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