When an email is scanned by OnINBOX it is given a rating for Authentication, Content and Trust. Each rating results in a red, amber, olive green and green indicator. This traffic light scheme indicates the level of threat an email might pose.

Red represents that a high risk was detected as part of OnINBOX’s checks. Some examples of this include failing email authentication protocols, suspicious URLs, or the address of the sender being identified as dangerous.

Green indicates that OnINBOX hasn’t detected anything of concern. For example, a bright green for Authentication means a DMARC pass sent from a protected (p=reject) domain.

There are many reasons and triggers that may cause an email to achieve red, amber, olive green or green for A, C, or T and the Red Sift Engineers are constantly fine-tuning the model to ensure these are accurately applied and reflect the relevant level of risk when interacting with the given email.

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