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OnINBOX Manager Settings Explained
OnINBOX Manager Settings Explained

OnINBOX and OnINBOX-Manager settings explained

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Email Origin

This show’s the country of origin next to the A, C and T.

Legacy Client Mode

This is for users that use the Outlook desktop app. OnINBOX and Outlook clash and this can cause issues with notifications. Legacy Client mode forces OnINBOX to not use the processing folder, which restores the notification functionality at the cost of the banner taking a few seconds to insert. The downside is that if a user opens an email within seconds of receiving it, they may get to it before OnINBOX inserts the ACT banner.

Inbox risk indicator display mode

This setting allows users to choose between Detailed and Minimal Mode. Detailed mode is the default OnINBOX mode, it inserts the ACT banner into every email. Minimal mode is a quieter mode, OnINBOX still scans every email but only inserts the banner when there are multiple failures and at least one NLP flag.


Detailed mode is the default for a reason, OnINBOX covers a lot of grey area with it’s banners and by using Minimal mode you will not see a lot of the amber and middle ground signals.

Midnight blue indicator

When OnINBOX cannot analyse the contents for any reason, it will present a blue C by default, if you disable this setting that indicator will be green.

Email trackers

There are 2 settings in here. The first is to remove trackers from emails, this will prevent the sender from seeing that the receiver has opened the email. The second is to show alerts for trackers, OnINBOX can be told to flag up in Contents when a tracker is detected.

Authentication History

Some domains have no authentication on any of their sending services, in these cases OnINBOX catalogues a hashed version of the domain name and will eventually give an amber for A because there is no difference between fake and legitimate emails for that domain. This behaviour is enabled by default and can be disabled with this setting.

Email Gateway

Some inbound gateways modify the authentication headers of the email, this can cause problems for OnINBOX’s scanning. By using this setting you can select which gateway you are using and allow OnINBOX to compensate accordingly.

External Email Banner

This setting is used to choose when users will be alerted that an email has come from outside the organization. This can be done for all external mail or only for externals not on the trust list (of either the user/organization).


The external email banner is great for compacting your email inserts. By using this and disabling other external banners you can streamline your email warnings!

User Report Management

Alongside the ACT banner, users have a report button. This button moves the email to their OnINBOX quarantine folder and sends a copy of the email and ACT results to the address entered here. This can be changed at any time.


Ensure that the reporting address isn’t just your usual administrator address. You don’t want to receive hundreds of reports to your normal account.

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