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OnINBOX Advanced Settings
OnINBOX Advanced Settings

Guide to OnINBOX advanced settings, what they mean and how to use them

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These settings can only be applied to all users connected to the account.

Folderless Mode

This forces OnINBOX to run without folders, this means emails will take a few seconds to have the banner inserted and a user may interact with the email before it has been scanned.

Sender Exception List

This can allow emails from specific domains or addresses to have minimal mode (Only show the banner when there are several failures) applied to them or not be scanned at all.

Banner Configuration Presets

This tool, found under settings, can be used to create customised banners unique to your organization.

By selecting a number of warnings or minimum red/amber/green of the ACT you can choose the text that appears in user emails when these criteria are met.

The Urgency, Action and Topic can also be chosen for when the banner will occur.


A use case for this is: select “Authentication: Fail, Urgency: High, Topic: Bill”, this means that emails failing authentication checks that push for immediate payment will trigger the message. You can make the banner tell users to “contact Emily in finance at [email protected] before proceeding with this email”.

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