New releases

Sync domains with Google/Microsoft directories

Every time you purchase or add a domain to your Google/Microsoft directory, we will automatically add them to OnINBOX’s Trusted sender domain list.

OnDMARC domains synced with OnINBOX

If your OnINBOX and OnDMARC accounts are linked via API keys, any new domains that are added to OnDMARC will automatically be synced with OnINBOX.

This means that OnINBOX recognizes your organization’s domains and can continuously add them to its Trust Network, ensuring that OnINBOX won’t flag internal senders to you in its A C T banners, significantly reducing the number of false positives.

Mobile usability warning

When using OnINBOX Manager on a mobile device, a message will be displayed that recommends you use a full web browser for the best experience.


New and improved email report page

When you spot a malicious email in your inbox, OnINBOX allows you to report it to your security team directly from within the email interface.

Once you click ‘report’, you will be shown a newly designed email report page where you’re able to easily select the most relevant option for this email:

  • Safe/Other

  • Phishing

  • Spam

If you’d like to submit more information about why you reported an email, you’ll find a section below these traffic light-colored buttons that shows multiple tick box options, as well as a text field to provide your own comments. Our goal with this update is to make reporting an email fast and user-friendly.

Remediation information page

We’ve also redesigned the Remediation information page inside OnINBOX Manager. These visual changes make it easier for security personnel to quickly identify what the reported email has been marked as (safe/spam/phishing) as well as read over any additional comments that have been provided by the reporter.

The objective of this update is to display more information about each individual reporting event and allow admins to ascertain what that means for the overall report.


LinkGuard updates

LinkGuard, OnINBOX’s warning page, will no longer pick up mailto email addresses as potentially dangerous URLs.

In addition, links that have already been scanned once and then forwarded on internally will now be rescanned, the original domain will be checked, and then reencoded if we believe it to be suspicious.

Additional fixes

  • Emails being reported as safe are no longer moved to the Quarantine folder.

  • Loading time improvements to 'Learn more' page.

  • Domain names in the supply chain view no longer being displayed as undefined.

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