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New and improved Remediation Reports dashboard

OnINBOX’s new Remediation Reports dashboard shows trends and patterns associated with reported emails over a period of time and allows you to drill down into data that is of interest.

Select a data period from the dropdown at the top of the page, and then select any graph or table from the dashboard to drill down into the view that you’d like to explore.

For example, you might like to see how many phishing emails were reported in the past 30 days. By selecting Phishing from the pie chart, OnINBOX will automatically produce all reports from the last 30 days that were reported as phishing.

This functionality allows you to dig into your highest priority items and remedy these quickly and efficiently.

Filter options are as follows:

  • Data period dropdown

    • Past 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days or a custom date range.

      • Any date period BELOW 7 days will display your reports in an hourly format.

      • Any date period OVER 7 days will display your reports in a daily format.

  • The Report Overview timeline allows you to drill down to specific hours or days depending on the date period to reports received in this time period.

  • The Emails Reported pie chart allows you to select a report type to drill into (safe, spam, phishing)

  • The Top Sending Domains chart highlights the domains that have been most frequently reported

  • The User Activity chart shows which action the reporter of an email took when they first received the email in their inbox.

Finally, the Reports table below displays the list of emails that have been reported. Expanding each row will give you a little more information on each reported event. Selecting the row will take you to the email report page where you can see more details on the email in question, who reported it, and what actions they took. You will also be able to remediate the email from this page.

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