Updates: July 29th, 2022

New HR/Payroll NLP topic detection

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New releases

HR/Payroll NLP topic detection

We’ve implemented a new Natural Language Processing (NLP) model specifically around the topic of HR and Payroll. OnINBOX will now look for words or phrases that would typically be used by HR or Payroll, determine if these are a threat to you, and subsequently present a text banner in the end-user’s email. This model works in the same way as the ransom, billing, and COVID models that OnINBOX already has.

Onboarding emails setting

OnINBOX’s new email setting allows you to enable or disable the onboarding/offboarding emails for new users.

This setting can be found under the Advanced settings on the OnINBOX Manager Settings page.


Additional fixes:

  • Base Href domains not analyzed

  • Issue fixed with duplication of accounts in OnINBOX Manager

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