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Adding permissions for Microsoft client secret expiration check
Adding permissions for Microsoft client secret expiration check
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Adding permissions for client secret expiry check

Every 2 years Microsoft requests that OnINBOX refreshes its client tokens. Updating the permissions is a simple 5 step process (see below). Once this is complete we will notify you when the tokens are about to expire and how to generate new ones.

What if I don't do this?

OnINBOX will no longer work and it will not scan your emails, making your email accounts vulnerable to attack.

How to update the client secret expiry check permissions on Microsoft Office 365.

1. Go to the App registrations page on the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Portal (
2. Find the entry for OnINBOX and click on it

3. On the left-hand side menu, select API Permissions
4. Press "Add a permission" -> "Microsoft Graph" -> "Application permissions" and select "Application.Read.All"
5. Check that admin consent is granted for the newly configured permission, if it isn't, press the "Grant admin consent" button.

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