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Frequently Asked Questions about OnINBOX

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OnINBOX Advanced Settings
Domain lookup permissions
OnINBOX Manager Settings Explained
Adding permissions for Microsoft client secret expiration check
A, C & T Details
Connecting Users to OnINBOX
Adding permissions for Directory Group Deployment
How to interpret the A C T indicators?
Microsoft Outlook for Windows indicator hover over text
OnINBOX Dynamic External Email Banner
Does OnINBOX work behind a gateway?
How does OnINBOX ensure email deliverability when something goes wrong?
Automatic Trust History
How to create user groups in OnINBOX Manager
Why aren't automated emails marked as Trusted?
Learn more button limitation
OnINBOX Quarantine Folder
OnINBOX Customizable Text Banners
OnINBOX and its Natural Language Processing model
Inviting users to OnINBOX Manager
How can I add a domain to OnINBOX Manager?
Can I add more domains to OnINBOX Manager?
What does OnINBOX do about lookalike domains?
What are the processing times of OnINBOX?
Does OnINBOX work with muted email threads in Gmail?
How to manage Gmail filters with OnINBOX
How do I protect myself from COVID-19 email scams?
User reported emails cannot be opened from within Gmail?
How does OnINBOX work with Gmail Confidentiality mode?
Why are emails sent to my spam folder bypassing the OnINBOX scanning?
Is OnINBOX a plugin?
Are we adding support for receiving services other than G-Suite and O365?
What's the process from a user clicking 'report' to the company actioning the problem?
If I have an email gateway in place, why would I need OnINBOX?
If you reply to an email, will the recipient see the results that OnINBOX has inserted into the email if they scroll down to the email you replied to?
Why does OnINBOX (G Suite) delete the original email and create a new one with the scan results? Gmail is showing at the bottom of every email that there are deleted emails in this thread.
We already provide phishing training, do we need OnINBOX?
Is there a trial for OnINBOX?
How do we stop users from clicking report all the time?
Why have I received an email that my account has been disconnected from OnINBOX?
Why are you requesting access to Send Emails on my behalf? (Google Permissions)
How does OnINBOX know when to Trust a contact?
What happens when a Trusted contact is spoofed?
Can I download OnINBOX from the Google marketplace?